Prep/Day Of/After Care


We recommend you shave, shower and exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment for a customized airbrush tan. Head over to the Get Naked Body Scrub Tab and check out the Limited Edition Body Scrubs in stock and use for all your prep needs. 



Come in LOOSE clothing and no lotion the day of for your customized airbrush tan. Be prepared to wait 6-8 hours before you get wet, sweat, have anyone touch or sleep naked. Your tan will increase in color 2-4 shades. After your setting time is over, rinse well with JUST WATER, pat skin dry and use lotion/tan extender that is more natural. Head on over to OUR PRODUCT page and check out the perfect products best used for the shower and care. 



A customized airbrush tan should last up to 2 weeks depending on prep, care and a little bit of your body's makeup (PH balance). Your PH balance can be affected by pregnancy, menopause, breast feeding, hydration or lack thereof, change of medication, prep and care of your skin and normal skin cycle. As we use more natural products to giver you the best airbrush application, we recommend you use similar care products. Go click on the OUR PRODUCT page and check out the high end products that help make that tan last longer as well as fade evenly.